The story of Crittall-Hope goes back to 1884 when one Francis Crittall in Braintree, United Kingdom, manufactured his first Metal Casement Window. This was successful, and so, in 1918, a Standard Range of Metal Windows and Doors was introduced. This range of windows and doors which should be seen as the basic specification of today’s Standard Range was a huge success both in the United Kingdom and throughout the world and was specified over the years for many types of housing schemes and buildings.


Having successfully exported its products to as many as 20 different countries including Nigeria, Crittall-Hope decided to set up manufacturing units in some of these countries. One such country was Nigeria, in the form of Crittall-Hope Nigeria Limited. In 1963, Crittall-Hope Nigeria Limited bought over what was then called Reliance Metal Products (Nig) Limited,o Kaduna and thus extended its operations to Northern Nigeria.


The company, Reliance Metal Products (Nig) Limited was later reincorporated and renamed Crittall-Hope Kaduna Limited in 1970 as a wholly (100%) owned subsidiary of Crittall-Hope Nigeria Limited. The ownership structure was later to change with the acquisition of 80% equity in the company by a core investor Messrs MBS Merchants Limited and others, the ownership and shareholding structure of the company is now as shown below:


MBS Merchants Limited                             

Crittall-Hope Nigeria Limited 14.5%
Alh. Abdullahi M. Sani 2%
Arc. Usman Arabi Bello 2%
Alh. Falalu Bello 1.5%



From its small and very humble beginning in 1963, Crittall-Hope Kaduna Limited now has a factory in Kaduna, a depot in Abuja and a distribution network spread over Nigeria.