The factory in Kaduna manufactures a wide range of Steel and Aluminium Products such as:


  • Standard Windows & Doors
  • Projected Windows
  • Tropical windows & Doors
  • Steel Security Doors & Gates
  • Door Frames
  • Roller Shutter Doors
  • Roller Grills
  • Collapsible Security Gates         
  • Industrial Shelving & Racking
  • Verandah Screens
  • Sun Louvers
  • Purpose made Doors & Windows


  • Sliding Windows & Doors

  • Projected/Casement Windows

  • Casement/Swing Doors

  • Curtain Walling

  • Office Partitioning

  • Semi-head & Circular Windows

  • Cladding

  • Acoustic Windows & Doors

  • Timber look like windows

  • folding Doors

For over four (4) decades, CRITTALL-HOPE KADUNA LIMITED has met the “windowing” needs of a wide range of customers in Nigeria. 

Our Aluminium profiles are sourced from NIGALEX, Lagos and EBM Systems, Abuja and Aluprof, Europe while our Steel raw materials are sourced from India and from within the country.

Alum. Casement Windows With fixed light - Top & Bottom

Alum. Sliding Window

Aluminium Projected Window with flyscreen

Aluminium Casement Window (Single Side Hinge), Showing all Sides

Purpose Made Steel Double Plated Door, Showing Two Sides

Powder Coated Roller Shutter Slat

Crittall Steel Casement Door: Type 21MD12 (Half Plated Filled)

Crittall Steel Casement Door Double, Type 21MD12

Crittall Steel Door Frame Factory Coupled to cover block wall (230mm Thick & 150mm Thick)

Steel Casement Door Single - Plate Filled

Steel Casement Window type 12M12

Steel Door Frame - MDF

Steel Tropical Window type 12MT12 with Louvres

Purpose Made Subframe window with 2 Set Louver Carrier & 12mm Rod Burglary Proof

Steel Tropical Doors With Louvres Showing Both sides

Dormitory/Hostel Bunk Bed with side Lock

Executive Bunk Bed